Xiaodu – New to TWS Headphones

INNPRO’s offer has been extended by a new brand. Xiaodu offers TWS headphones that are great for work or overseas trips. What sets them apart from other products is the real-time translator feature, allowing users to have conversations without a language barrier. The feature is available after downloading the app and translates in over 40 languages, including Polish. An additional feature of the headphones from Xiaodu is the voice recording function and saving the content as notes.

In addition to the AI-based features, the headphones also have an ANC mode that mutes external noise by up to 40 dB, high-quality microphones for conversations, and drivers for a great music experience.

About the brand

Xiaodu is a brand owned by Baidu. The brand’s mission is to create products based on artificial intelligence to make users’ lives easier. We have included TWS Xiaodu Du Smart Buds and Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro headphones. In the near future, Xiaodu’s range of products will expand to include other categories such as speakers, tablets, and cleaning robots.

We invite you to place your orders now.

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